Review Policy


*I am not open to book review requests at the moment!*


I will not be accepting every offer I get in my mailbox as I already have quite a pile of books to get to. I prefer physical copies but if the book is fairly short then I don’t mind receiving digital copies/e-books! Please be mindful and look through my policy before sending me an email – I will get back to you as soon as possible, I promise!


  • Mature YA/YA Contemporary
  • YA/NA Historical Fiction
  • YA/NA Fantasy (it’s a hit or miss for me)
  • YA Sci-Fi (not preferred but i’ve come across some REALLY good ones)
  • Thriller/Mystery (occasionally)


  • YA dystopian
  • Paranormal
  • Horror
  • Non-Fiction


4.5-5 stars – Absolutely amazing! The book has great characters and a unique concept!

3.5-4 stars – I wasn’t completely hooked but some parts of the book made it for me. An enjoyable read nonetheless!

2.5-3 stars – Several plot holes and unrelatable chracters, but it had potential! The ending/concept might have made me ‘up’ the stars a bit. A fairly enjoyable read.

1.5-2 stars – Might have thought of stopping the book midway but a few bits and pieces of the book made it tolerable.

1 star – Couldn’t get pass the first half of the book. Horrible plotline and very slow paced.

Disclaimer: I receive books from publishers/authors in exchange for an honest review. All reviews are based on MY OWN opinions. I choose to reviews these books for education/entertainment puposes only. 


Please provide detailed information in your email regarding the summary of the book, the title and the book cover. Include any relevant information in your email (if needed) such as giveaway details, review due date, tour dates, etc. 

Have you read through everything? Great! Click here to contact me and we might be able to work something out! 🙂 

Cath xx