30 Bookish Facts About Me!

I think it’s time y’all learn a few bookish things about me 😉

[DISCLAIMER: All picture credit goes to their rightful owners.]

1. I’ve not actually finished the PJO/HP series ^^’


2. Mismatched series/editions really bothers me :/

3. I prefer reading paperbacks but I like the look of a hardcover better ❤

4. I’m in DIRE need of a new shelf D:

5. I have a bookstagram 😎 

6. I have this strange obsession with the name ‘Kai’ *cough* EXO *cough*, maybe that’s why Emperor Kaito is one of my favorite characters from the Lunar Chronicles series ❤


7. My whole family’s a reader ❤

8. I love Historical Fiction novels but I rarely ever pick them up.

9. I don’t like Fantasy as a genre but I read more Fantasy than Historical Fiction novels 🙄

10. I’m not a fan of the Maze Runner series.


11. TFIOS is nothing more than a cliché of a story to me.


12. To me, the books aren’t always better than the movies.

13. I read LOADS of Roald Dahl back when I was younger but never considered myself a bookworm cause I never actually liked books in general.


14. Twilight got me into reading ❤


15. I’m a huge fan of retellings!

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16. I collect bookmarks!

17. I’ve never picked up a Horror novel before.

18. I’m starting to annotate my books and I love it!

19. I like the look of a ‘used’ book but I’m terrified of breaking a book spine 😥

20. I’d sell my soul for bookish merch.


21. My patronus is a blackbird ❤

22. I’ve also gotten wolf twice and a bear once XD

23. I find stories with mental illnesses involved interesting but most of the time the protagonist drives me nuts :/

23. I really want to read more LGBTQ books ❤

24.I’ve never cried over a book before ^^’

25. I’m a sucker for contemporary novels, although I try my best to pick up books with different genres.

26. Angsty books are everything ❤

27. Proud Ravenclaw 😀


28. I have a wall of pages above my table.

29. I always wait for the hype to die down a little before picking a book up.

30. My reading goal for this year is to read 55 books ❤

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post! Have a great day xx


6 thoughts on “30 Bookish Facts About Me!

  1. I rarely cry with books too and I think TFiOS was a little overhyped though I did like it. And I agree with what you said about books not always being better than the movie. Sometimes they’re both a bit of a disaster but the movie is less, I guess. (Eragon, for me).

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  2. Roald Dahl was my favourite author growing up, but much like you I only considered myself to be a “reader” once I read the Twilight series. I think that series was probably the first that I was totally obsessed with – I adored the fandom!

    I absolutely LOVE angsty books! Especially when it involves a bit of romance.

    And FINALLY someone shares the same opinion as I do about TFIOS! I never understood the hype around that book and I could never connect to the story. For a long time I didn’t even tell anyone y true feelings – scared that I would offend someone because I’ve seen some pretty hardcore fans of the franchise.

    I loved reading this post! I always enjoy reading more about the booklover behind the blog 🙂

    P.S. Your Bookstagram is total #goals

    Nihaad | Read & Seek

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