August Favorites!

I’m so excited for September to come because a) IT’S THE FIRST MONTH OF SPRING which means the weather gets a little warmer and the prettiest flowers are a blooomin’ ❤ b) I get two weeks off of school :’)

Before August comes to a close, I wanted to share with you guys some of my August favorites! It’s quite a small list this month but I thought I’d still show y’all anyway!


I don’t have a favorite this month which is quite disappointing, but a particular book release got me really excited so I wanted to feature that book:

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child


I bought this book on its released date and it was thrilling! I never buy books on the day of their release, not even ones that I’m anticipating, but I had the opportunity to drop by my local Big W and I got it. I was anxious to say the least, I was afraid that I’d be too late, but I wasn’t. I got there just in time and got myself a copy. Some people actually managed to haul three copies for themselves (which is insane but completely understandable). The mall was crawling with HP fans of all ages and even though HP was not part of my childhood, I had that nostalgic feeling as if I was apart of that fandom too. Overall it was such an amazing day.


Again, nothing I was particularly fond of. BUT can we please appreciate Exo’s new song Lotto??

EXO – Lotto


I know these boys worked real hard and though this isn’t my favorite track by them they still did a great job. I was a bit skeptical when I first watched their music video but their live performances were L I T. Their dance moves and vocals were on point. Plus don’t get me started on bby Lay and his solo dance ❤ (p.s Sehun, Chen and Baek are slowly killing me </3)




I did not expect to like this movie but holy cow it crushed my heart into pieces. I ugly cried while watching this movie and mind you – it takes a lot for me to cry over a movie. This movie is about a soul who committed a great sin but is given the chance to live again. Doing so, the soul is instructed to take over the dead body of fourteen year old Makoto. The soul then has to find out what sin it was that he committed as was as well as the reason why Makoto committed suidcide.

I’m not very good in describing movie premises but trust me, this movie is excellent. The story is absolutely heart wrenching. It takes you on the road to coping with life struggles, ones that come unexpectedly and are possibly quite eye-opening. The soul represents the perspective of  Makoto perfectly. The soul didn’t know anything about Makoto, so he had to go through obstacles and unravel all these mysteries about Makoto all by himself. It’s all very well put together and is bound to leave you in tears. It was such a rollercoaster ride, and it’s given me a whole new perspective on life.


Death note


Ohhhh my goodness you guys. Death note is my current obsession ugh I love everything about it. I don’t want to go in depth with this but basically it’s about a boy who discovers a death note, a notebook that can kill people simply by writing their names on them. Then things get hectic and police officers start investigating all these murders that were committed.

In short, it’s basically paranormal Sherlock Holmes. Literally. ‘L’ is my favorite character and you’ll see why he’s so amazing if you give this show a watch.


Twining’s tea


I mentioned that I was never a big fan of tea, but this month I’ve been sipping on Twinnings tea non stop. I also tried Irish Breakfast for the first time! I don’t normally use sugar or milk on my tea, so instead I pair it up with biscuits, which leads to my next favorites:

Stroopwafels & Arnott’s Scotch fingers


I was given a stack of Stroopwafels by my sister and I am in love with them. They’re basically thin waffles with a caramel syrup filling, and I’m running dangerously low on them, but I regret nothing. They’re absolutely delicious and they goes perfectly with tea. Some might say Stroopwafels are a bit too sweet, which is true, but I can’t deny that I have a sweet tooth, and that might daily cravings for sweets is both a curse and a blessing. All you do with it is you place them on top of your mug, let it soften and then you chew on them while sipping on your tea.  It’s heaven, I swear.

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 4.20.13 PM.png

Arnott’s Scotch fingers were impulse buys. They were cheap so I thought, why not? The first time I tried them they tasted really thick and creamy but with tea.. oh, it’s different with tea. They crumble in your mouth and it’s divine.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading through my August favorites! Here’s to another month of new discoveries!

7 thoughts on “August Favorites!

  1. EXO EXO EXO 😍 Lotto isn’t my favorite single either, I didn’t like the mv that much ;A; it was so unlike any other thing they have done. BUT THE LIVES ARE SOOO GOOD!

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