July Favorites!

Hooo boy. July was such a slow month for me, but I had such a great time! My term break started, packed my bags and flew back to Jakarta for the holidays, had TONS of fun, and went back to school. I don’t think I’ve ever shared my monthly favorites with you guys before so this should be fun 😉

Alright I don’t have very much to show y’all so I’m going to go through the list in a non-orderly manner. I hope you enjoy! Let me know some of YOUR July favorites! 🙂


Off-Campus series by Elle Kennedy


I was recommended this series by the lovely Clara and I CANNOT thank her enough for doing so! The banters between the characters are hilarious. Nothing much to expect from the plot, it’s your typical girl meets boy in college and life happens kinda story, but GUYS. PICK IT UP. I PROMISE YOU. I’VE NEVER LAUGHED SO HARD IN MY LIFE BEFORE. Oh and I’d say that the story is more character driven, and there’s very few drama involved. However, as the series progresses ,the angst escalates. I’m warning you. (but no pick it up pls :’) ) If you want to know more about it, I have a review of The Deal here




How have I not talked about Seventeen on my blog before?? They’re AMAZING! They’re a self-producing KPOP group under the company Pledis and they’re super talented! They produce their own music and choreographies and they’re basically goofs but I adore (u) them


The Boy and The Beast


I watched this movie just a couple of days ago and it’s still lingering in my mind ahhh. Such a great film! It’s a story about a boy who runs away from home and encounters a stranger who lead him into a world of beasts. That’s all you need to know. Lots of action and ugly twists. GO WATCH IT!



Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

I’ve been journalling a looot lately and this adorable My Neighbor Totoro pen has been the best companion here.

Penguin Mug


Another gift I got from when I was in Jakarta

So anyway I’ve been using this mug too much. It’s not a magical mug by any means, I just like its sentimental value because it’s a gift from a foreign country that I’ve been yearning to go for the looongest time. Plus it’s really lightweight, so filling the mug up to the brim won’t be a bother, really 😉

So those are my favorites for the month of July! I hope you enjoyed reading this post just as I did writing it 🙂 Tell me some of your faves, I’d love to know! ❤

7 thoughts on “July Favorites!

  1. OMG I’m thrilled to see my name being featured in your post HAHAHA! I’m glad that you love the series a lot, and even though I’ve only read The Deal, the rest are high on my TBR yayy! And whoa, I never heard of the anime The Boy and the Beast, but it looks like the style I’ll like, so thankiu for the recommendation ❤


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