An introduction to: Studio Ghibli

Anyone here a fan of anime? Anime films, to be specific? Personally I’m not the biggest fan/critic when it comes to anime. I see the way people judge these films/series base on how the characters are drawn. Well honestly I don’t care how well the drawings are, as long as it’s enjoyable to watch I’m good.

So recently I’ve been really into this one film studio called Studio Ghibli. I bet everyone has heard of this because honestly if you haven’t, where’ve you been?! This studio is very well known for their highly iconic characters such as Totoro, Kiki, Arrietty, and more. Each films are very different to one another and that is what makes them all very special. If you have not watched any of this studio’s production yet, I’d highly recommend:

(Pictures taken from google. Credit goes to the rightful owners)


Whisper of The Heart

A girl who loves to read and write falls for a boy who has an obsession with making violins. What more can you want? ❤ I personally loved this film most. Such a flawless movie, the characters are so freaking real and you get so attached to them *cries* I waaaant a Seiji ❤



From Up on Poppy Hill 

Two students are trying to prevent the demolition of a clubhouse and forms a cute romance throughout the movie. Honestly this was so heart-warming and adorable I couldn’t stop squirming around ahh <3_<3




The Secret World of Arrietty

A teenage boy finds that little creatures are roaming around his garden and his house. This movie gave me all the tinkerbell feels! It’s a pretty short film compared to the others but it’s just as good! ❤ ❤


Spirited Away

A girl stumbles upon an abandoned amusement park where her parents has been turned into pigs. To free them and herself, she has to work in a spring bath resort where spirits roam. This was my very first Studio Ghibli film and I wasn’t entirely hooked but as it keeps coming back on TV I re-watched it over and over again until I’ve finally gotten to the point where I’d cry over the characters. To this day I still re-watch it when I have the chance. That being said, if you’re new to Studio ghibli, give it a try. You may not like it the first time but it gets to you. I promise.


My Neighbour Totoro

A family of two sisters and their parents move to Japan where their mother falls ill. Throughout the movie, they encounter a sprite called Totoro. I was hesitant with this one because I thought, meh, Totoro is so overrated. But when I watched it my perspective of it completely changed. It was nothing I’d expect it to be. A coming of age movie you’d enjoy watching with your family, no doubt!



Princess Mononoke

A prince has been cursed and is to venture out to look for a cure. During the journey, he learns that there’s been an on-going war between the forest and man-kind. Okay honestly I don’t think my summary was quite as accurate but it falls along those lines I guess. Fair warning, the movie is actually quite gory so if you cannot handle blood and falling limbs then I’d suggest you watch the other movies I recommended o.o  The characters can be quite peculiar but the story is amazing.


Kiki’s Delivery Service

A young witch is finally at the age where she can travel off and look for an apprenticeship. She ends up in a small town and works for a cute little bakery where she delivers packages to people all over town. That synopsis alone should suck you right in! I love this movie so much I can’t even begin to express my love for it *breathes in*. Every girl can relate to Kiki in this film because she tries to fit in with society but being the odd one out it’s a struggle for her. It talks about taking responsibilities and risks that are bigger than yourselves and to find who you truly are as a person. I adore all the characters as well. I think I might have to re-watch this movie soon o.o


Grave of the Fireflies

Two siblings strive to survive as their country is at the brink of losing the war. Tragic, tragic, tragic 😥 I just want to take these two home and nurture them. If you like war movies with family elements then i’d highly suggest you try watching this. I dare ya not to shed a tear. </3


Howl’s Moving Castle

 A young girl gets cursed by a witch where she gets turned into an old lady. Fleeing, she finds a moving castle whom she discovers belong to a powerful wizard. Another film you’d have probably heard of. It’s got a queer storyline but it’s good. I can’t exactly pinpoint my feelings for this movie because overall I still do not get the overall plot of the movie, yet I adore it to bits. I have a certain fetish for twisted plot lines and I believe this movie has it. The characters are adorable as well (I’m looking at you Markl) and the castle is something you’d want to explore more of alongside of Sophie (the young girl) throughout the movie.

That was a long list! I’m looking forward to watching loads more of Studio Ghibli’s films. I’ll have a journal update regarding my Studio Ghibli dedication page up soon, I just wanted to introduce y’all to the world of anime before I jump straight to it. If you tried watching any of these, please tell me what you think of it! And if you’re already a fan, tell me some of your faves!


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