Book Review: The Island by Olivia Levez

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Title: The Island

Author: Olivia Levez

Rating: 2/5 stars

Release date: 3rd March 2016


The Island is about a girl who crash landed on an island and is to survive with nothing but a raft and a dog as a companion – but she finds out that she isn’t the only survivor.

Sigh.. I was so excited when I received an arc of this book. The cover is absolutely beautiful and I actually stopped reading two books for this. The back of the book said something about a girl who finds out that a boy survived the same plane crash and are both stranded on the same island so I thought it had a ‘The Blue Lagoon: The Awakening’ kind of feel but the book was nothing like it. The story is told back and forth between Fran’s past and present and that really confused me. I normally don’t have a problem with reoccurring flashbacks in books but this one bugged me a whole lot. I had no care for her past because it had nothing to do with the present. When she got to the island I thought, okay, finally she’s on the island – there should be some action going on right now, right? But no. none. Nada. Instead she floats toward the island on a raft, picks up a bottle filled with vodka and drinks. She also used up pretty much everything there is on the raft that is suppose to help her survive. Sigh. I was well about done with this book.

So she gets to the island. I was expecting the survivor to appear any moment now, but no. I had to go through about 180 pages to get to him. Sigh. I thought the survivor was a pretty fun character though, so I enjoyed that part of the book.





but but guess what?? the guy she meets on the island is gay. yeah, so much for the blue lagoon feel. it wasn’t the character who bugged me, it was the expected chemistry of both characters i was looking forward to most. but that didn’t happen. very disappointed. sigh.







So yeah. It was really hard for me to finish this book and it took a lot of time. Also that ending was pretty weird and it got me thinking a lot soo I do hope there’s a second book. I probably won’t end up reading the book but let’s see. Thank you Cailin for sending over this book! I adore the cover but sadly the story isn’t for me.

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