Book Review: Shell by Chris Gill


*Disclaimer: Featured image courtesy of @chrisgillbooks on Instagram.*

Title: Shell

Author: Chris Gill

Rating: 5/5 stars

Release date: 15th December 2015

This book was a complete whirlwind. Action and suspense at every page – this is one heck of a story you surely wouldn’t want to miss.

Okay um wow where do I begin. I went into the book completely blind and was absolutely pleased with the story overall! This story follows a girl named Red who was sent down to an underwater world (The Shell) along with the remaining population as a protection from the world above that was destroyed by an asteroid that came pummelling down to earth years ago, killing her mother along with other people who weren’t able to make it out in time. Following our main protagonist, Red believes that their president (Ivan Spencer) is keeping secrets, classified information about the world above them. With her suspicion leading on, her therapist (Ethan) was consulted to help maintain her attitude towards everyone else, but Red being the strong-willed and brilliant young woman she is, she has her own ways of finding out the truth.

*slow clap* best dystopian novel I’ve ever read, hands down. Truth be told, am not the biggest fan of dystopian (surprise, surprise). But this book was exceptional. The story moved at a steady pace, but it kept me wanting more. The characters weren’t the least bit annoying like most protagonists these days. Red was badass, passionate, and powerful. One problem was that the relationships in the story weren’t very well developed. It escalated quite quickly which took me a while to adjust to but all was well. The book gave me a sort of Game of Thrones feel because some of the scenes in the book could be a tad bit gory, but it was all very exciting! 😀 I would’ve thought otherwise if the action scenes weren’t as intense.

I really liked it overall. I would recommend it to anyone really. It would be a great Christmas present too, no? 😉 (the cover is to die for am i right) So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to join the shell?


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